Most buyers start the house buying search on the internet, along the way the contact a real estate agent, hopefully find a great agent, like myself, who will take care of them along the way.

Each state has its own rules, documents, deadlines, etc .

This blog is written for the buyer, the seller, the homeowner or future homeowner.

Stay tuned for updates and tips along the way.  Share your experiences.

Feb 23, 2016

Homeowner Tips & Tidbits

Posted by: Kat Miller

Sep 21, 2015

Too many choices in light bulbs

Posted by: Kat Miller

Choices are a great thing, right? Shop for light bulbs lately? Way, way too many choices. And I’m just talking about light bulbs for your lamps and lights inside your home. 

There are incandescent, warm white, cool white, soft white, bright white, daylight, CFL and LED, and I’m sure many more.  So after what seems like hours at the local hardware store staring at boxes of bulbs and little charts that seem to describe the different between a cool white and a soft white, etc you make your choice. 

Now I’ve got a 2 story foyer light with candelbra bulbs and a few regular bulbs in a center spot.  It wasn’t until after I replaced the center bulbs that it clearly shows the center bulbs do not match the type of candelbra bulbs. Since I don’t own the ladder to reach this light it is staying this way for now!

My bathroom has 2 sets of lights over the sinks with a total of 4 light bulbs,  When I moved into the home I replaced all 4 light bulbs, but 2 recently went out.  I replaced them with 2 spare bulbs I had at home. Of course they are different from the other 2 bulbs and I have no idea what type the 2 are that I actually liked. So I guess I need to buy 4 new ones so they all look the same.

Things were so much easier when the only decision was 30 or 60 watt. 

Jan 14, 2014

Buying a home, Not Deer hunting

Posted by: Kat Miller

I've been searching for a home since July.  I've got my target area down, my wants & needs, my price range.

I'm single so while I like a large yard I don't want a lot of yard work and I've two shepherd mix dogs about 50 lbs each who need room to run around and play. 

Renently I looked at a home just a few miles from the center of a small town, The home had a large lot size but most of it was trees which is perfect for me.  So I drive out, head down a somewhat private road thinking this is really off the beaten path but still close to my work area.  All looks good, various homes set back in the trees along the way.  At the end of the street I come to the home.  

I walk up and get the key, (I'm the agent also) try the lock and the key does not work.  First rule list agents - before you put the key in the lockbox be sure it works.  No one is home so I'm not able to go in.

I take a walk around back into the treed backyard and around the permiter of the property are signs sayiing "No Trespassing".  I'm thinking kinda strange, are the neighbors in a feud! and not talking to each other.

I mention the signs to the list agent after I've left the home. She tells me the signs are to keep the Deer Hunters off the neighbors property.  Really so you mean that hunters are shooting across the property, I don't think my dogs will like wearing bright orange vests so they don't get shot at.

Who knew property was near hunting zones.  Unfortunately this is not found on county maps or zones.

Lesson of this story: always ask questions, get answers, hire an experienced agent who will get you the answers.

Stay tuned for further updates on my home search.